Russia: From Error to Conversion


Losing the Battle – but Winning the War

We lost this battle: ‘To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace …’.

Hence we reaped this bitter harvest: ‘if not, [Russia] will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church …’.

The fault was our own.

With this in mind, we would have to agree with George Weigel, who, when writing this month that “US court decision to give same-sex marriage equality with traditional marriage puts it at odds with the Constitution, reason and biblical religion”, proceeds to make this intriguing comment – {that we would expand to include the Catholic Church in Australia} (“Ruling says it all: the law is an ass”):

The Catholic Church in the US bears its share of responsibility for this incoherence. It was clear 60 years ago that the old mainline Protestant cultural hegemony was fading, that an alternative cultural foundation for American democracy was necessary, and that a new cadre of citizen-leaders, capable of articulating the moral truths on which the American democratic experiment rests, had to be raised up – and the prime candidate for doing all that was the Catholic Church. It might have happened. But too much of the Church’s clerical and lay leadership lost its nerve after Humanae Vitae; the window of opportunity closed amidst the maelstrom of the 60s and the decadence of the 70s; and the forces of incoherence won the day.

[End of quote]

Saint Augustine warned us that the Devil is like an angry, furious dog on a chain.  If we keep him at bay and remain distant we are safe, but never provoke this furious beast. If we foolishly stray into his ambit, then we can expect to suffer a dire mauling.

Weigel continues: “…. The New Normal will not leave the Catholic Church alone”.

The upside to struggle, though, is that it builds character, even fosters genius:

So the Church must learn, fast, how to play good defence, defending the right of our people and our institutions to be themselves; it will do a service to America in the process. (A good primer for thinking through these issues is the recent pastoral letter by Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, Being Catholic Today: Catholic Identity in an Age of Challenge.)

[End of quote]

We need to become as persistently annoying to the proponents of what Weigel has labelled the “New Normal” as they have become to us. But, owing to that former loss of nerve, the battle to win the war has now become much harder. Weigel again: “Like everyone else who contests the New Normal’s ideology of Anything Goes, the Catholic Church will be aggressively attacked for daring to oppose that ideology”. That furious Dog is biting savagely.


The Enigma that is Russia


Not only could Russia potentially spread her errors (Our Lady at Fatima, 1917), but she actually began to do so, according to Sister Lucia, after World War II (1945). Pandora’s Box, containing all the evils of the world, was now opened.

It was only in 1984, with the collegial Consecration finally done – but some six agonising decades late – that a ‘mechanism’ was set in place to stem the flow. Soon the Soviet Union began to collapse.

Sadly, ‘Russia’s errors’ had by now become ‘the world’s errors’, so that it was no longer sufficient simply to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And so Pope John Paul II, in the afternoon of March 25, 1984, inside the Vatican Basilica and before the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima, consecrated (or entrusted) the fate of the entire World to Her:

So today we have wanted to entrust the fate of the world, of individuals, of peoples, to your Immaculate Heart in order to arrive at the very center of the mystery of Redemption, the mystery that is stronger than all the sins of man and of the world, the mystery in which one can conquer sin in its various forms, in which one can begin, can inaugurate, a new world.


Whilst error must ever be refuted, the tone of the Church at present – with error now so rampant – seems to be more emphatically to promote the Truth.


Today, unpredictable Russia, once the cause of so much human misery, appears to be slowly but surely shifting in the right direction. Gabrielle Kuby writes of this dramatic new outlook (


Twenty-five years ago, when the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was still holding its conventions in the Kremlin under the iconic hammer and sickle, no one would have dreamed what would happen there on September 10 and 11, 2014: Inside the Kremlin, the heart of Russia, a two-day international conference was held with the title “Large Families and the Future of Humanity” — pro-life, pro-family, aiming to protect the moral foundation of family and society. ….

The people in the hall certainly don’t agree on Putin’s behavior in the Ukraine conflict. They do agree, however, that we are in a global anthropological crisis that is attacking the nature and identity of the human person, and they share the same determination to rise against it.

The topic here was not simply the family, but large families, because they can reverse the demographic crisis that threatens the future of Russia, not to mention that of most countries in the West. However, here the problem and its causes were put out in the open: U. S. journalist Donald Feder, advisor to the World Congress of Families and a wise, practicing Jew, said, a false perception of sexuality is the cause of the demographic crisis, specifically the idea that sexuality is for enjoyment only and must have no consequences.

On the contrary, sexuality’s foremost purpose is the creation of human life in the bond of love between man and woman. Because pills and condoms cannot always obstruct this creative force, we kill 50 million unborn children around the world every year. And we continue to do so despite the obviously menacing consequences, because we have a false concept not only of sexuality, but also of freedom. This false freedom knows nothing but the autonomous, commitment-free, self-defined individual, fed by gender ideology that denies God and nature.

[End of quote]

A consequence of the intensification of their efforts by the purveyors of world error will be that those who reject this New Normal ‘civilisation’ of queerdom must begin to put aside what divides them and more earnestly seek to unite. This must eventually lead to a reunion of East and West, enabling the Catholic Church again to “breathe with two lungs” — East and West alike — rather than with only one Western, or Latin, lung (John Paul II). Interesting, then, to read (

An historic meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church is “getting closer every day,” a senior Orthodox prelate has said.

The unprecedented meeting would be a significant step towards healing the 1,000-year-old rift between the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity, which split in the Great Schism of 1054.

“Now such a meeting is getting closer every day but it must be well prepared,” Metropolitan Hilarion, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church’s foreign relations department, said in an interview with Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper.

[End of quote]

Satan with a crushed head versus a Church breathing with its two lungs?

No contest.

Another step in the right direction towards unification would be to correct what Pope Francis has called the ‘scandal of the disunity’ of the date for Easter, thus signalling his openness to changing the date so that all Christians around the world could celebrate the feast of Easter on the same day. The Pope on June 12 said “we have to come to an agreement” for a common date on Easter.

Whilst all these developments might take time to accomplish, Our Lady of Cana, who hastened the Lord’s “hour”, can speed up grindingly slow human processes.


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