Peter and the Two Disciples on the Road to Emma’us: A Must Buy!


Andrew Wood

When many people think of great conversion stories they often think of people like Paul of Tarsus who was miraculously struck blind while on the road to Damascus when he met the risen Jesus (Acts 9:1-19). Or we may think of other great charismatic leaders who almost in an instant had a life changing experience of God, after which they never looked back. This can sometimes discourage us, as well as encourage us. We may think that something like what happened to Saint Paul would never happen to us, and that its true, for it may not. But what happened to Saint Paul is rare.

In this talk you will see another, less well known experience of conversion; though one that happened to a person equally well known as Paul: namely the conversion of St Peter. In the Gospel of Luke we see that there were three stages to Peter’s conversion. Looking closely at these three stages we see how conversion is an on-going experience, for it is a journey with the Lord on the path of both self-discovery, and discovery of who the Lord is and what he has done, and is doing, in our lives.


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